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Insight to MENA at OTC

The must attend event during the Offshore Technology Conference

The annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) held in Houston, Texas (USA) is the world’s largest oil and gas conference, with attendees representing more than 100 countries. And, as the official host of  inbound delegations from the MENA region, the Bilateral Chamber’s Insight to MENA at OTC is the most attended reception at the conference.

Nearly 1000 U.S. and global energy executives attend this reception year after year in order to network with their MENA counterparts and gain personal access to decision makers and forge new relationships that serve as the foundation for economic growth.

In addition to this annual meeting, the Bilateral Chamber hosts additional OTC week programs that always deliver first hand insight into the MENA marketplace and actionable information on specific business opportunities that exist for our members.

For more information on the Insight to MENA Welcome Reception, please contact us  or, send an email to