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Teachers Educating Across Cultures in Harmony (TEACH)

Inspiring Purpose. Igniting Possibilities

We Cannot Change the World Alone, but If We Each Cast a Pebble
Across the Water, We can Create Many Ripples

The Bilateral US-Arab Chamber’s Teachers Educating Across Cultures in Harmony (TEACH) Fellowship was conceived to actively engage U.S. and MENA educators in capacity building initiatives to produce a new generation of leaders equipped to provide solutions to the world’s most pressing social and economic issues.

TEACH was launched in 2009 as a vehicle to provide U.S. educators an opportunity to visit the Middle East and gain insight into the culture, the challenges and the opportunities experienced by their peers. The Fellowship provides these insights through a combination of:

      1. Cultural Site Visits, which give fellows an understanding of the history
      and immerse them in Bahrain’s rich culture and heritage,

      2. Educational Institution Visits, which afford the TEACH Fellows a
      unique opportunity to discuss best practices and teaching methodologies
      while exploring avenues for possible classroom exchange, and

      3. Business meetings with local corporate leadership, which allows for
      frank exchanges on the gap that exists between traditional education
      and the needs of a global workforce. The dialogue also focuses on ways
      to successfully reduce that gap via closer, more formalized collaboration
      between educators and corporate workforce development teams.

The educators that participate are then able to return to their classrooms, communities, and social settings and share these first-hand experiences that reflect more similarities than differences. Through personal communications and professional exchanges, the fellows begin to replace misconceptions with awareness and inspire a new sense of purpose that ignites new possibilities for their students and their communities, the range of which is immeasurable.

Apply to be a TEACH Fellow:

While the TEACH Fellowship typically takes place in the fall, this academic year our TEACH Fellowship has been postponed to the Spring. 

The TEACH Fellowship is slated to take place March 6th-13th, 2020 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. However, please note travel dates are subject to change.

If you are interested in applying, applications are currently open and will close on December 13th, 2019 at 11:59 PM. To receive the application, please fill out the following form and submit the $25 application fee along with the form. Once you have completed these steps you will be sent the link to the fellowship application.