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Privacy Policy


The Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce values and respects the privacy of our member companies, their employees, our prospects, visitors, staff and clients. We recognize the importance of protecting personally identifiable information or sensitive business information that you may share with us.


You may submit or be asked to provide certain company information or personally identifiable information to us when you:

  • Submit requests to our office or website  in person, by email, fax, telephone, postal mail and other means;
  • Request information from the Bilateral via our contact forms, brochures, marketing pieces, surveys or website;
  • Communicate with us by sending letters, articles or information for publication; news releases; emails; faxes; reports; publications; presentations or other materials;
  • Join the Bilateral or renew your company membership;
  • Subscribe to Bilateral publications or other announcements;
  • Apply for the Bilateral’s certification of international shipments;
  • Register for or attend Bilateral events, workshops or seminars

In most cases, the Bilateral collects only basic information needed to: (1) complete your membership application, (2) register you for an event, (3) complete a transaction or (4) list your company in our website or other material. This information may include your name, title, company mailing address, physical address, telephone number, fax number, email address, business description, number of employees or other ranking that might indicate the size of your business, names and similar information about other key executives and the extent of your international operations.

The Bilateral also may collect financial information, such as banking or credit card information, when you register for events. If you are concerned about providing such information, please contact us at or call our main office at +1 713-880-8168 for assistance.


We use information you and/or your company provide to personalize your service; to better understand your needs as a member; to broaden our relationship with you and your company; to develop and market products and services that may be of interest to you; to collect data needed to analyze business trends in the U.S./MENA import & export markets; to publish and distribute member directories, newsletters and other products; and to assist other agencies and organizations in strengthening U.S./MENA trading relationships and worldwide connections. We share our information with other companies, agencies and organizations subject to applicable laws and the “opt-out” provisions of this policy.


If you do not wish the Bilateral to use information you or your company may provide, you should withhold that information. We will not publish personal fax numbers or email addresses, but we may make your company’s email address and fax number available unless you ask in writing that they be withheld.

To withdraw a company fax number we may already have on record, please contact our membership department at 713-880-8168. Only authorized company representatives may request this change.

To opt out of receiving email messages from the Bilateral about programs and services that may be of interest to you or to prevent publication of your email address or its release to other parties, please use the unsubscribe link included in all of our email correspondence. We will make every effort to block your email address from future messages within the time required by law.

Please be aware that you will be removed from all Bilateral email lists and may not receive items you might wish to receive, such as announcements of major events, invitations to serve on committees, notices of meetings, newsletters, workshop and seminar opportunities, requests to update your business information, membership information or notices of new resources and opportunities between the U.S. and MENA.

Because you will miss so many opportunities, we hope you will choose not to opt out of receiving information from the Bilateral by email. Due to computer system limitations at present, we can offer only this “all or nothing” option.

If you select this option, please be aware that the Bilateral has no means of preventing other parties that may have legitimately obtained your information previously from continuing its use in faxes, emails, telephone solicitations or other publications. We cannot be responsible for continued use by other parties. You should contact those parties directly to request that they discontinue use of your information.


Faxes, email, U.S. mail, the Internet and other means of communication are never 100 percent secure by nature. We cannot guarantee that your private communications or other personally identifiable information will never be disclosed to third parties. For example, we may be forced to disclose information to the government under certain circumstances. Or, a third party might unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications. Additionally, we may (and you authorize us to) disclose your personally identifiable information to private entities, courts of law, law enforcement or other government officials as necessary or appropriate. We do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personally identifiable information or private communications will always remain private under all circumstances.


We use industry-standard techniques and applications to safeguard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable or company information, such as firewalls, private servers and secure socket layers where appropriate. We maintain other procedural, electronic and physical safeguards to guard your nonpublic information. Our practices comply with applicable state and federal regulations.


This policy only addresses Bilateral business activities and Bilateral use of information you may provide. Other third parties and/or  websites (including those we link to, use as backend service providers or which we co-brand) may have their own policies, which we do not control and cannot be held responsible for, and thus are not addressed nor bound by this policy.

The Bilateral has no control over and will not be held responsible for the actions of other parties that may purchase or otherwise obtain Bilateral directories, databases, lists, labels or other products that may contain information you provide.

This policy may be updated or altered from time to time, with or without advance notice to you, and your continued membership or use of our Web site or other products and services constitutes your agreement with its terms and conditions.