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Partnership Insight Series: USA Healthcare Symposium & Showcase

Program Highlights


The Bilateral Chamber of Commerce is pleased to support the 2017 USA Healthcare Symposium & Showcase on Nutrition, Obesity & Diabetes.


The USA Healthcare Symposium and Showcase is a joint collaboration of Kallman Worldwide, Nadereen Consultancy, the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi, and the U.S. Consulate in Dubai, with the support of MBRU.

Designed to strengthen connections between U.S. and U.A.E. experts focused on new approaches to nutrition, obesity and diabetes, Speakers and panelists at the 2017 USA Healthcare Symposium and Showcase are of the highest caliber, from both the United States and the United Arab Emirates. These recognized authorities shared their expertise, their most recent findings, and tomorrow’s practices and guidelines.


  • Increase U.S.-UAE dialogue and collaboration on all aspects of nutrition, obesity and diabetes research.
  • Showcase new technology and approaches from the United States and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Foster discussions, share expertise, and exchange knowledge and best practices at all levels of the healthcare ecosystem.


  • The two-day symposium consisted of keynote presentations, lectures, panel sessions, workshops and short “hot-topic” talks. The parallel Product Showcase consisted of Tabletop Displays of new products, services and cutting-edge technology.


  • As in the United States, the United Arab Emirates is facing a growing population with a high prevalence of chronic diseases caused by poor nutrition, sedentary behavior and smoking. The World Health Organization’s World Health Statistics 2015 report estimated that one-out-of-five people in the UAE live with diabetes and that 33.8% of adult men and 45.1% of adult women in the UAE are clinically obese.
  • Research has shown that around one-in-every-three pregnant women in the UAE develop
    gestational diabetes mellitus.
  • The UAE’s Vision 2021, the highest-level UAE government strategic plan, makes public health and achieving world-class healthcare one of its priority goals. The UAE has declared it is determined to reduce incidences of the disease from 19% of the population to 16% by 2021. Consequently, there is a corresponding high demand for U.S. expertise, particularly in more specialized fields such as non-communicable diseases (NCD’s).

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