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Libya Visa Information

Passports and visas are required for all U.S. citizens traveling to Libya.

Currently, Libyan embassies abroad are operating under varying conditions; travelers are encouraged to contact the Libyan embassy in the country in which they reside to obtain the latest information on visa procedures. U.S. citizens with dual nationality are advised to take care to use the same passport when exiting the country of origin and entering Libya. Libyan immigration officials may request to see the exit stamp from the traveler’s previous destination. If that stamp is not in the same passport the traveler presents to the official (whether in the U.S. passport or a passport of other nationality), the traveler may have difficulty at the Libyan port of entry. If the traveler chooses to use a non-U.S. passport to enter Libya to avoid Libyan visa requirements, and the Libyan official discovers that the traveler is also a U.S. citizen, the traveler may be delayed and/or face a lengthy interview by Libyan Immigration. Dual citizens are advised to maintain consistency in which passport they use to travel to Libya.

The Government of Libya does not allow persons with passports bearing an Israeli visa or entry/exit stamps from Israel to enter Libya.

Tourist visas: In June 2010 the Libyan government began issuing visas to U.S. tourists. Travelers should contact the Libyan Embassy in the country in which they reside to obtain the latest information on visa application procedures. Visas for U.S. passport holders are not available at the port of entry.

Under no circumstance should a traveler use a tourist visa for business travel to Libya. Using a tourist visa to travel to Libya for business purposes contravenes Libyan law, and places the traveler at risk of arrest.

Business Visas: U.S. citizens traveling to Libya on business visas require an invitation from/sponsorship by a company operating in Libya. U.S. citizens who apply for Libyan business visas often experience significant delays, regularly waiting several weeks or months for their visas. All visas are vetted and approved by Libyan immigration departments in Tripoli and are only issued by the appropriate Libyan Embassy upon receipt of that approval. There may be an additional wait for actual visa issuance once approval has been received by the Embassy.

The U.S. Embassy in Tripoli cannot provide assistance to U.S. citizens seeking Libyan visas.

The Libyan government requires all Libyan citizens, including dual nationals, to enter and depart Libya on Libyan documents. In some cases, U.S. citizens of Libyan descent have entered Libya on an old or expired Libyan identity document and then discovered that they cannot depart Libya without obtaining a valid Libyan passport, which can be a time-consuming, cumbersome process.