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Leadership Insight Series: Libya

Shared Destiny. Shared Responsibility.

Even in the face of current challenges, Libya presents huge commercial prospects. The needs of the population, combined with vast natural resources, create many opportunities for builders, suppliers, transporters and manufacturers, providing a fertile landscape for U.S. businesses to explore new relationships, build new operations and develop mutually beneficial business connections.

The Bilateral Chamber was honored to host a very special luncheon with the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC)– Libya , Mustafa Sanalla, as part of our Leadership Insight Series programming. Moderated by Dr. Adel Chaouch, Director of MENA, Marathon Oil Corporation and Member of the Bilateral Chamber’s Board of Directors, this timely program featured a keynote address by Chairman Sanalla who discussed Libya’s commitment to increasing its oil production as the world’s eighth largest oil reserve.

Chairman Sanalla offered his insights into how Libya presents a fertile arena for foreign investments given its impending political stability, and that oil production is the answer to unifying the country. Most importantly, Chairman Sanalla declared the NOC’s intention to open a procurement office in Houston, Texas within the near future as the city has access to the best people and technological resources.

In partnership with the Libya Ministry of Oil & Gas and the Libya National Oil Corporation, this program offered a rare opportunity to engage with Chairman Mustafa Sanalla on U.S. soil. 

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