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Iraq Visa Information

Entry and exit requirements for foreign citizens in Iraq, as stipulated by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior (MOI) require all U.S. citizens to hold passports valid for at least six months after dates of travel. Visas are required for all U.S. citizens.

An Iraqi visa may be obtained through the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, D.C. Visas are available upon arrival at the port of entry only if the traveler receives prior visa approval in the form of an Entry Visa Approval Memorandum from the Ministry of Interior Residency Office. Travelers who obtain this approval must enter Iraq within 90 days of the issuance of the memorandum for a single entry visa or within 6 months of the issuance of the memorandum for a multi entry visa. Once admitted into the country, visitors must obtain an arrival sticker and submit a blood sample taken by the Iraq Ministry of Health within 10 days of entry. Arriving passengers are reminded of this requirement upon admission.

Visitors who plan to stay for more than 10 days must also obtain a residency stamp. Visitors who exceed the 10-day period will be fined USD $125(subject to change).Diplomatic and official passport holders have up to 30 days to obtain a residency stamp. In Baghdad, the arrival stickers and residency stamps are available for all visitors at the main Residency Office near the National Theater.

There is a USD $40 penalty (subject to change) for visitors who do not obtain the required residency stamp. A U.S. citizen who plans to stay longer than two months must apply at the Residency Office for an extension. U.S. citizens traveling to Iraq for the purpose of employment should check with their employers and with the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, D.C. for any special entry or exit requirements related to employment. Contractors receive an Iraqi visa tied specifically to the contract and will be in violation of Iraqi immigration law if found to be violating the terms of the visa, including by overstaying.

U.S. citizens must also obtain an exit stamp at a Residency Office before departing the country. In Baghdad, they are available for all visitors at the main Residency Office near the National Theater. Contractors in the IZ may also obtain exit stamps at the Karadah Mariam Police Station (available Sunday and Wednesday, 10:00-14:00). In Basrah, the Residency Office is located on Kuwait Street in Ashar. Exit stamp fees vary from USD $20 to USD $500, depending on length of stay, type of entry visa, and other factors. Travelers who hold a tourist passport with no visa or an expired visa are required to purchase an exit visa for USD $80 and pay a fine of USD $45 for a total of USD $125(subject to change).Visitors who arrive via official aircraft but depart on commercial airlines must pay USD $82(subject to change)single entry visa departure fee at the airport. Visitors who intend to return to Iraq will require a re-entry visa, also available through a local residency office.