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Education Insight Series: 10th Annual Bilateral Model Arab League (MAL)

February 18 – 19, 2017 | University of Houston Clear Lake | Houston, TX

In Partnership With:

National Council on U.S. Arab Relations

The Bilateral U.S. – Arab Chamber of Commerce welcomes your participation in the 10th annual Bilateral Model Arab League (MAL) regional conference. Student delegates from various universities across the U.S. will convene and engage in a competitive and simulated dialogue concerning political, social, economic, and cultural affairs to reach consensus and craft solutions to current issues affecting the Arab World.

Model Arab League affords students with leadership development and critical skills including diplomacy, public speaking, policy-making, among others. By passing resolutions, creating alliances, and attaining consensus, students achieve a deeper understanding of Middle Eastern history, culture, policy, and current affairs.

This year’s agenda will focus on a number of timely issues which include the following topics, among many others:

  • Examining the progress made in combating illicit trafficking of small arms in the region, and preventing the proliferation of such weapons among extremist groups
  • Evaluating the League’s role in diplomatically resolving regional conflicts, with particular consideration for the ongoing war in Syria
  • Discussing ways in which the League can promote women’s involvement in society, including political and civic integration
  • Exploring alternative and sustainable water resources in lieu of nonrenewable groundwater currently utilized in arid zones in order to meet agricultural and developmental demands
  • Addressing the benefits and challenging trends associated with migrant workers in the Arab world, particularly regarding citizen unemployment and remittances
  • Investigating and mitigating current security threats to refugees in official settlements, as well as internally displaced persons in active conflict zones.

2017 Participating Universities to Include:

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