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Cooling Vests Set to Help UAE Construction Workers

June 1, 2017 | Arabian Business

Cooling vests, piloted on construction sites in Qatar, are set to be introduced into the UAE to help protect labourers working outdoor in the summer months.

Security and risk management company Aegis is working to launch a 200-vest programme in the UAE in partnership with Emirates NBD following last summer’s successful trial in Qatar.

The Aegis team piloted the vests and health data collected on site highlighted that workers were in fact enduring substantial heat stress and showed the vests to be a strong way of reducing such toll.

Initial testing revealed substantial drops in the number of workers with high blood pressure while workers’ average body temperatures also dropped while wearing the vests.

Aegis said students at the University of Toronto came up with the cooling vests technology anfter research showed that workers out for sustained periods of time in the heat tend to experience heart attacks and develop several other heart dysfunctions.

The vests work simply – they are activated through submersion in water, and once put on the water, the vests absorb the heat, the fabric evaporates and the wearer is cooled.

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