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Call to Keep “Digital Dubai” Safe from Cybercrime

May 31, 2017 | The National AE

DUBAI // Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has called on government and the private sector to join and create a secure cyberspace that would make digital Dubai the world’s safest city.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai used the launch of a cyber security strategy to urge companies to get together and protect the emirate from attacks.

“We want to harness technology to create a new reality in Dubai and a different life, a new model of development,” Sheikh Mohammed said on Wednesday.

 “We have set ourselves firmly on a path of excellence and creativity in the UAE, and today with the launch of the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy, we are adding to the list of the government’s many accomplishments.”

Sheikh Mohammed, who was accompanied by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, at the launch, said cyber security was essential in a connected world.

The Dubai Electronic Security Centre would tackle electronic security threats and all forms of cybercrime.

 It would work with government agencies to ensure that electronic security is upgraded and precautions are in place to ensure Dubai’s information security systems meet global standards.

The strategy will begin by implementing the Cyber Smart Nation initiative to increase public awareness of cyber security and its importance.

This plan will also develop skills and capabilities to manage security risks across state-run, private institutions and among individuals in Dubai.

 Innovation is the second part, covering scientific research in the field of electronic security and the establishment of a free, fair and secure cyberspace.

The third objective is to establish controls to protect confidentiality, credibility, availability and privacy of data.

The fourth will focus on ensuring the continuity and availability of information technology systems in the event of an attack.

 The final section of the strategy covers national and international partnerships, to confront threats and risks in cyberspace, to shape initiatives that will ensure secure cyberspace so that Dubai’s experience can be replicated globally.

Sheikh Mohammed said the UAE’s current high ranking in providing security was a result of efforts at the federal and local government levels.

Security is one aspect of the Dubai Plan 2021, which maps out targets for the next five years that include making the emirate smart, integrated and connected and the most secure place to live.

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