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Bilateral Chamber’s Regional Model Arab League (MAL) 2018 Highlights


On February 16-18, 2018, the Bilateral Chamber, in partnership with the National Council on US-Arab Relations, hosted the 11th Annual Model Arab League (MAL) in Houston, Texas. The Bilateral MAL is a weekend-long, highly competitive leadership program simulating the meetings of the League of Arab States.2018 MAL Newsletter star breaker-02


Student delegates spent months in advance studying their assigned countries’ foreign policy and socio-economic climate in preparation for the conference where they assembled to advocate for their countries’ interests in moderated councils with topics ranging from “proposing reforms to Arab higher education systems” and “considering the potential impacts of high levels of youth employment” to “examining League emergency preparedness and natural disaster response protocols,” among others.


Students debated and drafted resolutions to address current challenges affecting the League member states, thereby improving their communication and diplomacy skills and increasing their understanding of the region at-large.  

2018 MAL Newsletter star breaker-02

During the kick-off on February 16, at the University of Houston Clear Lake, the 2018 hosting institution,  Dr. Blake graciously welcomed the students and discussed the importance of the MAL program for generations of students to come, while also expressing her commitment to supporting the conference. The Closing Summit (February 18) featured Keynote Remarks by Ms. Deanea LeFlore, Chief of Protocol at the Houston Mayor’s Office of Trade and International Affairs.

2018 MAL Newsletter Leflore shot BA-21    2018 MAL Newsletter leflore shot AB-21

The students were inspired after hearing about LeFlore’s unique background and extensive career. LeFlore encouraged the students to focus on what they love to do, and she engaged a few of the students on stage as she shared several protocol and etiquette tips for business success.

2018 MAL Newsletter star breaker-02

2018 Participating universities and respective country assignments include:  

2018 MAL Newsletter HCC group shot-23     2018 MAL Newsletter U of H downtown group shot-23

2018 MAL Newsletter HCC honors logo and country-23      2018 MAL Newsletter UHD logo and country AB-23


2018 MAL Newsletter Texas A&M group shot-23     2018 MAL Newsletter Texas State group shot-23

2018 MAL Newsletter Texas A&M logo and country-23      2018 MAL Newsletter Texas State University logo an


2018 MAL Newsletter University of Arkansas Little     2018 MAL Newsletter UHCL Group shot-23

2018 MAL Newsletter UALR logo and country AB-23     2018 MAL Newsletter UHCL Logo and country-23


2018 MAL Newsletter U of H honors group Shot B-23

2018 MAL Newsletter University of Houston honors l

2018 MAL Newsletter MAL group shot A-22








For more information on how to participate in the Bilateral MAL and/or to showcase your support via sponsorship, please contact Ms. Lucy Graham at