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Bilateral Chamber Member, KBR, wins engineering contract for Jordan refinery

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - Pipeline Oil & Gas

KBR, Inc. said it has won an engineering contract for the Residue Hydroprocessing unit at the Jordan Petroleum Refinery (JPRC) expansion project.

KBR will provide the basic design package for the unit using its proprietary Veba Combi Cracking (VCC) slurry phase hydrocracking technology, it said in a statement, adding that this technology is capable of processing a wide range of feedstocks and enables production of fuels that meet environmental specifications without further upgrading.

This award follows an earlier decision for KBR as selected licensor for its VCC technology. KBR’s refining technologies enables refiners to process a wide variety of crudes, including heavy opportunity crudes, while retaining the flexibility to adjust the fuel mix and quality.

“JPRC selected VCC technology among several alternative processes for the conversion of the bottom of the barrel in its forthcoming expansion project,” said Abdel Karim Alawin, JPRC CEO. “JPRC was looking for a feasible process that yields clean products with minimum negative environmental impact.”

“Thorough and careful evaluation led to the selection of VCC technology which we think will be the technology of choice for future residue conversion projects,” Alawin said. “We certainly look forward to working with KBR to get this project on stream.”

The VCC technology will be implemented at JPRC’s refinery in Jordan and will be the core of the refinery’s expansion plans to increase production to 120,000 barrels per day.

“KBR is committed to the success of JPRC’s fourth refinery expansion,” said John Derbyshire, president, KBR Technology and Consulting. “We are excited to implement our unique VCC Technology and contribute to the success of this important and prestigious project.”

“With its recent implementation in Russia and China, VCC technology has emerged as the most successful slurry phase hydrocracking technology to reliably produce high quality finished products from heavy feeds,” Derbyshire added.

Revenue associated with this project will be booked into backlog of unfilled orders for KBR’s Technology and Consulting Business Segment in the fourth quarter of 2017, the company said.