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Bahrain Visa Information

You must have a passport valid for at least six months and a visa to enter Bahrain. U.S. passport holders outside Bahrain may apply and pay for a two-week tourist eVisa online through the Bahraini government website, or may obtain and pay for a visa upon arrival at any of the ports of entry. Bahraini authorities encourage all U.S. citizens to apply for the appropriate visa prior to arriving in Bahrain; in many cases an eVisa is available. U.S. diplomatic passport holders and U.S. official passport holders can get a no-fee two-week visa upon arrival. Prior to travel, visitors may also obtain a five-year multiple-entry visa valid for stays as long as one month from Bahraini embassies overseas. Journalists planning to travel to Bahrain for reporting should be aware that Bahrain requires a journalism visa. For more information on how to apply for a journalism visa please visit the Bahraini government website. All travelers to Bahrain face close scrutiny from Bahraini authorities and should be prepared to answer questions regarding the purpose of their travel to Bahrain. The Government of Bahrain has refused some U.S. citizens permission to enter Bahrain.

Exit permits are not required; however, visitors must be in legal status before they will be allowed to depart. You may be prevented from departing if you are involved in legal proceedings, have unpaid debt, or are a child subject to a custody dispute. Bahrain assesses heavy fines on visitors who fail to extend their legal status or depart the country at the end of their authorized stays. An exit tax is included in the ticket price for flights out of Bahrain; no additional exit fees are required upon departure. Residents of Bahrain who intend to return should obtain a re-entry permit before departing and the re-entry permit should be valid for at least six months.