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The 5th Annual Iraq Dialogue at OTC

New Oil and Gas Opportunities in Iraq

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Tuesday | May 1, 2018 
Houston, Texas

The 5th Annual Iraq Energy Dialogue represented the singularly highest ranking cadre of Ministry of Oil officials ever assembled on U.S. soil.

Key Leadership from Iraq’s Ministry of Oil Included:

  • Deputy Minister for Upstream Affairs
    Mr. Karim Hattab Jaafar
  • Director General of MoO’s Legal Directorate
    Mr. Laith Abdul-Hussien Al-Shaher
  • Director General of MoO’s Contracting and
    Licensing Directorate (PCLD)

    Mr. Abdul-Mahdi Hamid Al-Aamidi
  • Director General of Basrah Oil Company (BOC)
    Mr. Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismael
  • Director General of South Gas Company (SGC)
    Mr. Hayan Abdul-Ghani Abdul-Zahra
  • Deputy Director General of State Organization for
    Marketing of Oil (SOMO)

    Dr. Samahir Ali Abdullah
  • Deputy Director General of Iraqi Oil Tanker Company (IOTC)
    Mr. Dawood Salem Ahmed

The Deputy Minister for Upstream Affairs, the DG of Basrah Oil Company, the DG, of South Gas Company, the DG of the Petroleum Contracting & Licensing Directorate, and the DG for the State Organization for Marketing of Oil offered first-hand insight into tangible oil & gas development opportunities currently available for U.S. companies.

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