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2016 TEACH Fellowship

Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, State of Qatar


Our annual TEACH Fellowship is annual education, culture & technology immersion initiative with a strong curriculum development component aimed at connecting classrooms across the U.S. and Middle East and encouraging ongoing collaboration between U.S. education professionals and their peers in the GCC.

In November 2016, 14 Fellows from 12 different States embarked on a curriculum-development mission and cultural exchange program to the Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and State of Qatar. The 2016 Cohort explored the various education challenges facing teachers in the GCC and the opportunities they could provide in terms of collaborative projects and cross-cultural exchange opportunities. In addition to private meetings with Ministries, educational institutions and corporations, the 2016 Cohort was immersed in the rich culture and gained a deeper understanding of the Gulf heritage.

The 2016 TEACH Fellows’ combined achievements culminate in the following statistics:


Our 2016 TEACH Cohort established strategic links with various entities and institutions, including the following, among many others:

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